Repair Guide to Fix the Hydraulic Jack

Hydraulic Floor Jack Troubleshooting

Is your hydraulic jack not going up? Do you want to learn a few tips on hydraulic floor jacks repair? Is yes, then don’t worry as we have discussed the hydraulic floor jack repair instructions and the best floor jack for the money in this blog. If the hydraulic floor jack is not functioning correctly, then it can be repaired with a little guidance. Just make sure that you read the floor jack repair manual thoroughly as it will guide you with the basics.

Below we have mentioned the hydraulic floor jack repair instructions:

  • Ensure That You Clean The Device

It is really important to maintain the tool so ensure that you clean the device on a regular basis. Maintaining the hydraulic jack will prolong its life and you can repair the parts if they are not functioning properly. We recommend using a clean piece of cloth to clean the jack and don’t forget to wipe down the cylinders properly.

  • Take Out The Plug

If the hydraulic jack is not functioning properly, just take out the plug of the cylinder and examine it.  In most cases, the pump stops functioning properly because there is dirt accumulated in the plug. Make sure you check the plug of the cylinder as by cleaning it you might resolve the problem. 

How to Fix a Floor Jack

  • Remove The Fluid

Place a bucket under the jack and turn the jack in such a way to drain out the fluid completely from the hydraulic jack. When you drain out the fluid completely, then look inside and determine if there is any debris accumulated. If you find debris inside, just clean the cylinder from the inside properly. 

  • Change The Fluids Of The Cylinder

After cleaning the cylinder from the inside, you simply have to pour some new fluid. You can do this by using a funnel. Putting the right amount of the fluid is essential, however, the amount of the fluid you need to pour will vary depending on the size of the cylinder. Just make certain that the cylinder is full, so before closing the cylinder check twice.

  • Change The Rubber Plug

Determine the rubber plug and see the present condition of the rubber whether it is new or old. Examine the rubber carefully before you place it back. Once you determine the condition of the rubber, clean it with a clean cloth and see if there is any dirt on it.

The above are a few ways in which you can fix the hydraulic jack. Just make certain that you consider all the above factors before calling a professional to fix it. You just need to check the parts of the hydraulic pump and replace it if they are functioning properly. You can repair the hydraulic jack on your own, without calling a technician for help.

We hope after reading the blog, we have helped you to repair the hydraulic jack properly. Just ensure that you read the instruction manual thoroughly before you start fixing the jack. Besides repairing the jack, ensure that you maintain the tool to extend its life.

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