Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum Floor Jack Reviews

Arcan Floor Jack Reviews

Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum Floor Jack: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like

  • Sturdy
  • Easy pumping
  • Offers dual pump piston
  • Durable

What We Don't Like

  • Expensive
  • Lacks portability

When it comes to buying a jack in 3 Ton range weight is a matter of concern for any of the buyer. Off course possessing a heavy-duty vehicle by no means construed that you want to carry a heavy jack also. A portable yet durable jack is what every automobile owner wants. There is one more important concern that is safety. You are going beneath a 3-ton vehicle by no chance safety should be compromised.

Who is this Product For?

In 3-ton capacity weight is always a matter of concern, but not anymore. The jack is 56 pounds in weight which makes it popular among its users. The chassis torsion and control with lift arm are all attributing towards its inbuilt strength. Unlike most of the hydraulic jack, its dual pump helps in easy and fast lifting. The height range covered is 3.6 to 19.4 inches which eliminate the sports car for sure. So if you own one this is not the right pick for you. But apart from that for all other cars, SUV, trucks it passes the suitability test.

What’s Included?

Some of the jack in 3-ton capacity has got the problem with a hydraulic ram which has been prevented in it with 4.6 inbuilt saddles with the hydraulic ram. The model has a piston dust shield which prevents hydraulic contamination.

The jack comes in 3-ton range with a lightweight model of 56 pounds. It has reinforced lift arm for the extra strength provided. The chassis control and high durability are the main feature of this jack. It comes with a dual pump piston with rising action for 3.6 inches to 19.4 inches. The piston has a dust shield to prevent overextension of Hydraulic ram with the 4.6-inch saddle.

This jack definable does not cater low-end sports car as the minimum height it covers is 3.6 inches. But the category it covers is properly catered by the feature provided

Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum Floor Jack – 3 Ton Capacity claims that it passes all the standards whether it is safety, portability, durability, you name it. In this article, we will review the claim made by the company and analyze how much of them hold the ground. We will also make a reasonable conclusion about its best buy claims. So let’s get started

Overview of Features

Arcan Floor Jack Review

One of the features which, most of the companies ignored, has been taken care of is hydraulic contamination. Piston dust shield prevents hydraulic contamination and overextension of a hydraulic ram. The swivel caster comes with ball bearing which is a great help.

Maneuverability has been taken care of with increasing the width of the track front wheel. While the saddle pad designed in a manner for providing stability to the jack.

The features provided by the company clearly remark the detailing with which all the concerns are taken care of. The construction design has been improved to the extent that it is flawless. In the matter of quality, it complies with the 2009 ASME standards.

This product will not upset you at any of its offerings. And that way, it has made its place in 10 best selling jack for 2018.

In the context of the user manual, its instructions are very clear and easy to understand as compared to other jacks. It provided a proper step guideline on how to lift the jack to a certain height or how to lower down the same with a constant pace. It has also answered some of the general problems faced by the user while using it.

Many times the problem occurred could be solved if the manufacturer communicates with its customers. But in this case, that is so not going to happen. Many of customers who are facing the problem in operating the jack are due to the reason that they do not know the proper way of operation. Arcan is losing even with the best jack offered just because of its poor communication with the customer.

What we Like About Arcan Floor Jack

  • We like its detachable steel arms which provide the same strength as any steel jack and it’s an aluminum body is lightweight as any Aluminum Jack.
  • ALJ3T also has strong arms with chassis control.
  • The pumping which used to a matter of concern for most of the 3-ton jack has been made easy with dual pump piston action which provides a height up to 19.4 inches in a matter of seconds.

What We Don’t Like About Arcan Floor Jack

  • The features offered by the company are on the way to make it the best floor jack in the range. Though, the cost is a matter of concern.
  • Another thing which is a drawback is the lack of any kind of handle to carry it on. The handle has only being attached to jack so if you are planning to travel with it along with your toolbox that is not going to happen.
  • One more thing worth mentioning as a drawback is poor customer support.

How to Use Arcan Floor Jack

To operate it first turns the handle clockwise. The piston should be given full stork for good speed. Pumping will lift the saddle which should be in touch of the lifting point of the vehicle. Then Lift the vehicle and turn the handle counterclockwise. Put the Jack stand thereafter.


Lift master 3 Ton jack with Aluminum and steel body is the best alternative for Arcan’s jack. It covers the almost similar range of 3 to 19 inches of height. The working of the Hydraulic pump is also somewhat similar in both of them.

Final Verdict

To conclude should you buy it? Our take is if you are seeking a durable jack with safety for your high-end vehicle this is for you. You can invest in it and will not regret it for sure. It’s slightly pricey than its counterpart but yes it worth it inter of its quality, safety measure, inbuilt design, everything. So store and use a jack which offers durability with portability with Arcan floor jack.

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