Bottle Jack vs Floor Jack: Which One is Best

Bottle Jack vs Floor Jack

Are you the one who believes that the only difference between bottle jack and a floor jack is that one is bottle shape and other is flat on the floor? Yes, it is a difference but not the only one. Both jacks have different specifications and use. We will help you to understand their difference properly and easily. After this article, you will have more to say about their differences, when it comes to bottle jack vs floor jack. Also, you can make a wise choice to opt for a suitable jack for you.


If compared on the basis of strength bottle jack can lift heavier weight than the floor jack. For truck owners somehow it’s the first choice due to ground clearance provided by it. The smaller size of the bottle jack makes it a more convenient tool to put beneath any low floor vehicle. Bottle jack has wide lifting capacity range from 2-ton bottle jack to 15 ton or more bottle jacks which could lift heaviest vehicles also with ease. 

Though bottle jacks used for very heavy in lifting are mechanical in working rather than manual. Its lifting capacity to be considered is the main advantage of the bottle jack. To an extent, we can say bottle jack is more preferred by professionals, unlike floor jack which is a top pick for households.

Floor jack though strong enough, but not consider a right fir for lifting trucks.  Floor Jack provides a lifting range from 2 ton to 3.5 tons with more popularity among car owners. But for heavy vehicle owners, where lifting capacity of more than 3 tons is required Bottle jack is the only choice.

Here it is worth mentioning, though bottle jack has more lifting capacity it can lift a vehicle to a certain height only. To the contrary floor jack, though have comparatively less weight lifting strength than bottle jack, but it comes with high lifting height range. So with a floor jack, you can lift your car up to 19 inches, and more in some cases. While with the floor jack this lifting range could not be achieved. 

Storage Space

Bottle jacks, as the name is saying, are bottle shape in structure while floor jacks are a flat shape with its neck and arms. Bottle jack requires comparatively less storage space as compared to floor jack due to its cylindrical body.

Floor jacks body design is longer and widens which require space in your garage. To compare it for the same lifting power floor jack will take double space compared to the bottle jack. If the storage is a matter of concern for you then bottle jack will be a better pick.


But when it comes to a convenience floor jack is a more easy option to use as compared to bottle jack. A floor jack is a comparatively more popular option between the home garage users because of its convenience. Unlike bottle jack, the use of floor jack does not require any professional expertise. Also, safety measures are better-taken care of on floor jack due to its untrained user base. But to utilize the handle properly it required a lot of maneuvering.

The bottle jack is vertical in design. This allows it to lift more weight but their narrow frame is a drawback when it comes to stability. Floor jack has a flat saddle to hold the vehicle lifted for a long time. Bottle jack has a pointed lifting structure which cannot hold the vehicle for that long. For standard clearance automobiles, its minimum lift height is also a constraint.

Price & Durability

Price is one of the main concerns while purchasing a Jack. If two jacks are doing almost the same things a human mind always rush to know which one is more economical.

Bottle Jack is comparatively cheaper than the floor jack. But it’s not as durable as floor jack.

Usability & Portability

Advantage of Bottle Jack

Floor jacks sit lower to the ground. So owned a sports car or any low floored vehicle for that matter it will easily roll under. Mostly, New Floor jacks usually come with a long neck and detachable arms and a universal release system. These features make lifting a quick and easy process. At the same time lowering down occur at a constant pace with proper safety.

If its portability floor jack is a more obvious choice. They are providing with caster, unlike bottle jack, which helps in easy rolling over the floor. 

In terms of usability sometimes both of the jacks could be used together. Like if the suspension component is what you want to change, use a floor jack to lift the vehicle and bottle jack to keep suspension cornered by the side of the vehicle.


Both bottle and floor jack have distinct offered features and user base for same. As they have different user base so they both are good in their field. If you own a vehicle and wondering to purchase a jack for your garage floor jack is a better option as untrained users can also use it with convenience.

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