Floor Jack with Built in Jack Stand

Floor Jack with Built in Jack Stand

What about a product that not only lifts up your car but also place jack stands at the place. Yes, these new Jack’s with inbuilt jack stands make the lifting an easy go with their synergy. It has jack stands attached to the front part. When you lift the car the front part detaches and acts as a jack stands. It’s not only making the process easy and Hassle-free but also a great move in the context of safety. Sometimes a user just doesn’t use the jack stand which makes lifting an unsafe event. This could not be the case with jack with an inbuilt jack stand. Its usability makes it a must-have product for your garage.

Floor jack and jack stand combo is creating the right buzz in the market. Though the companies have limited offerings in this range whatever they have gained positive reviews from customers. Purchasing a jack and jack stand in one require to examine both specifications namely Floor Jack and Jack stand separately.

Floor jack with built-in jack stand could be examined on the basis of following parameters namely:


An inbuilt jack stand jack is required to be tested on durability. The material used for manufacture is must consider. Mostly this jack comes with steel building up. Some are with aluminum or allot built up. The warranty card should also be taken into account while purchasing.


One of the main things to concern here is the working of the jack. In most cases, it has been seen that combining two features together leads to compromise in quality for one or another. But this is not the case with a floor jack with an inbuilt stand. It has a very strong built up with a steel body. Jack built up with heavy duty steel construction provides great strength and stability to the jack.


Automatic safety lock with multiple locking positions is the main required feature in inbuilt jack stand. The companies offering the inbuilt jack stand have not to compromise on safety at any point with one unit lock system. The floor Jack, with an inbuilt jack stand, has a powerful hydraulic system that automatically stops lifting as it reaches the maximum height.


The strength provided sometimes increases the weight of jack which in turn hinders the portability. Floor jack with inbuilt strength is heavier and it hinders its portability to an extent.


An adjustable jack stand will provide accurate and safe lifting. Adjustable saddles with a strongly built wheel are also an important feature to consider. Bottle jack with jack stand is more suitable for heavy lifting like SUV and trucks. For home garage floor jack with inbuilt jack stand is a better choice. Floor jack with inbuilt jack stand has detachable jack stand while bottle jacks have no detachable jack stand.

Cost Efficiency

Floor Jack and Jack Stand Combo

No, Doubt it is a cost-efficient product. It is way cheaper than purchasing a well-built Jack and Jack stand separately. The cost-effectiveness is not on the price of compromise with safety or durability. Whatever offered in this category are best in business.


Most of the inbuilt jack stand jack is bottle jack which due to its vertical structure are not suitable for low-end vehicles. Even floor jack with the offering, have not launched it for low-end vehicles Jack with inbuilt jack stand yet. So, If you have a sports car you don’t have this option available.

Who is this Product For?

This product is basically for the home garage owner who has heavy vehicles to lift. It is made for high-end vehicles therefore low floor cars cannot be lifted with its help.

What’s Included?

It has an automatic lock system which is a great inclusion from the safety point of view. Apart from that, the biggest inclusion is its jack stand!

How to Use it

For using this jack push the release lever down and tighten the bleed screw. Locate the lifting point of your vehicle and place the jack there. Pump the cylinder till the saddle does not touch the lifting point on the vehicle. Pump the jack and push the release lever and bleed the screw slowly. It will fit the jack under the weight of the vehicle. The user manual is required to be thoroughly followed for positions the jack beneath the vehicle. Screwing down the releasing liver is a must for bringing the jack down.


Bottle jack with inbuilt jack stand could be an alternative. Otherwise, very few companies are coming with the inbuilt feature design.


It a new and innovative design with all the safety measures taken care of. Apart from that cost-effectiveness is achieved as you do not need to purchase a jack and a jack stand separately. It’s a progressive tool and a must have for the garage.

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