How to Fill a Hydraulic Floor Jack with Oil

How to Fill a Hydraulic Floor Jack with Oil

Internally the floor jack is divided into chambers. One of the chambers is oil reservoirs with hydraulic oil in it. On pumping, the fluid moves to the hydraulic cylinder which ultimately leads to the rising of the saddle. Elevated saddle, consequently lift the vehicle’s weight. This brief summary of how hydraulic floor jack works required to be understood so that the filling of the oil chamber could be properly performed.

How to Put Oil in a Hydraulic Floor Jack

Putting oil in hydraulic fluid jack is easy through the tricky process. The most common problem user faced while filling the oil is not to follow the requisite oil mark. Doing so leads to more oil in the tank which leads to overflow. We have summarized the step to be followed on how to put oil in a hydraulic floor jack. Follow the steps given for the optimum result.

Step 1. Read the User Manual to Locate a Filler Cylinder

Reading the user manual will help to understand the working of jack properly. It will give you an idea of where the oil goes and what is the working of the jack. Locate the filler pot to fill it with oil. In most of the jacks, the filler pot is located on the top. But it could vary from model to model. Thus reading the user manual will help to locate it properly.

Step 2. Remove the Rubber Cap

The filler tank has a cap upon it. It could be metal or rubber made a cap. For filling the oil it is needed to be removed. If its rubber made, remove it with a screwdriver. If its metal made bolt then use a wrench to remove it turning clockwise. Remove dirt attached to it and inspect the cylinder for any dirt attached. Remove all dirt and debris immediately.

Step 3. Fill the Hydraulic Oil Up to the Mark

Place the funnel on the opening of the hydraulic tank to prevent any unnecessary spilling.  Before pouring the oil keep in mind that every jack has its own oil level. Filling more than requisite oil will lead to leaking and sometimes none lifting by Jacks. This should not be the case, therefore, the user manual should be followed.

Step 4. Close the Plug

Lastly, close the plug back and if there any defect replace the pug immediately. After placing it moves it counterclockwise so that it gets tightened.  After doing so check the jack is working or not. If it is not working then you need to check it further.

When Hydraulic Oil should be Refilled

Mostly hydraulic fluid jack required to be replaced in one year. But if the manual asked for any other time period to be followed the same should be done. Apart from that, there are some symptoms, if noted, will tell when to fill hydraulic oil.

Firstly, if the hydraulic floor jack is not lifting properly then the oil level is required to be checked. oil contamination could also be one of the reasons. In this case, turn the jack upside down and drain the contaminated oil .fill the jack with the new oil up to the required level. 

Filling of oil should be done in accordance with the steps mentioned above taking into consideration the user manual of the company.

Also to mention, proper servicing of the jack will keep it in a healthy condition. Follow the maintenance procedure if maintained n manual or just Google it for the required company model. Following proper maintenance will improve the life of your Jack manifold.

How to Fix Floor Jack that Leaks Down

How to Fix Floor Jack That Leaks Down

To fix a floor jack that leaks down firstly check the reservoir from the level of oil in it. Sometimes more oil could be the reason for leak down. Lift the arm and release it slowly it will lead to pushing the air out. If the problem is not solved after these steps then the pressure valve needed to be repaired.

For doing so turn the jack upside down so that draining of oil occurs. Replace O- ring which could be one of the reasons for visible leaks. Replace with the ring of same dimensions preferably of the same company. You can find this in the rebuild kit of your Jack. Reassemble the jack again.

If still there is a leakage problem have a close look on cylinder and seals. Sometimes any small rise in the metal cylinder could be the reason for the leak.


Even the best hydraulic floor jack is a machine like your car and requires the same care and maintenance. If maintenance procedure followed it will increase the longevity of jack. Also, like any other machine knowing the mechanics of jack will help to understand the problem in Jack in a better manner. In most cases, it has been noted that customers jack is not working because of a lack of understanding of the reason. We will suggest doing proper research and taking assistance from the customer support team to troubleshoot the problem.

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