How to Fix a Floor Jack that Won’t Lift

How to Fix a Floor Jack that Won’t Lift

So, your vehicle needs a repair, and you’re jack denying lifting it. It’s really frustrating when both of your machines are on strike. We can help you to fix your jack. Then go beneath your vehicle and fix that too.

This article will provide you an insight on how to fix a floor jack that won’t lift. We did the research; you do the work and let’s make it lift with hydraulic floor jack troubleshooting.

1. Is Jack Overloaded?

First, first, we need to check the lifting capacity of the jack. Most of the jack comes with a safety overload feature which stops them from working as it gets overloaded. If your jack is new and not lifting it could be the reason. Have a check on vehicles weight against jack’s lifting capacity first.

2. Check the Hydraulic Oil Level

Do you wonder how to repair a floor jack that won’t hold pressure? It’s because of the decline in lifting capacity.

The most common reason for the decline in the lifting capacity of Jack’s is due to a change in hydraulic oil level than what asked for. Generally, the optimum oil level is mentioned in the user manual. Following checks will be a great help –

  • If you found a low oil level fix the problem by filling oil up to the requisite mark.
  • One thing worth mentioning here is ‘quality of oil’. Never compromise with the oil quality. It will severely affect the lifting capacity of the jack.
  • If the oil level is high then drain the extra one out. As the right oil level will be achieved jack will able to maintain the desired pressure required to lift the vehicle.
  • Check if there any debris or dust in the oil chamber. Get rid of that as could be one of the reasons for floor jack is not lifting the desired weight.

3. Get Rid of Trapped Air

If your jack is not lifting sometimes the trapped air is the culprit. To get rid of it through a process named bleeding.  Bleeding should be done as mentioned in the manual. Though General steps could be as follows –

  • Open the bleed valve turning it counterclockwise with a screwdriver or a pump handle.
  • Remove the oil fill plug with a flat head screwdriver.
  • Put the jack pumping handle in handle socket and pump the handle for 10- 15 strokes (Follow the manual here to know the exact pumping cunt.).

This is the most important step to follow as it will pump the oil through our jack from the oil reservoir through the bleed valve. Pumping will drain out all the air from the system through the oil fill plug hole.

  • Before placing the oil plug again ensures the oil level is at the right mark. As the bleeding of air occurs many times the oil level dipped. So make it sure that is not the case.
  • Place the oil plug on the cylinder.
  • Plug the release valve.
  • Now pump the jack to check if it is lifting the weight or not. Firstly check the jack for lower weight capacity. If it works okay then proceed for the higher weight capacity.

If still, your jack is not lifting, it’s time to inspect the machine parts like release valve and rubber plug of the jack.

4. Inspect the Release Valve

Hydraulic Floor Jack Troubleshooting

The release valve needed to be examined in a timely manner. It should be tight and properly adjusted.  The user manual needed to be followed as some of the jack’s release valve gets tightened counter clockwise while others move clockwise.

So check the manual, tight the valve and adjust it properly for hydraulic floor jack troubleshooting.

5. Examine the Rubber Plug

Sometimes the old rubber plug could be the reason.  Following steps should be followed to examine your rubber plug –

  • Clean the rubber plug with a rag.
  • Set it into the hole of jack’s cylinder.
  • Press it firmly
  • Follow any further requirements as mentioned in the user manual.

The rubber plug required to be tightly fixed so that no air leak occurred. Always follow user manual or call the customer support rather than a self-experiment in case of any query related to working of the jack.

6. Apply Some Lubricant

After your entire jack is a machine.  Maybe it is also facing the universal machine problem that is friction. If that is the case just apply some lubricant your jack will start lifting. In fact, lubrication should always be on a regular interval.

7. Follow the User Manual or Call the Customer Support

Inspect the whole body of your jack as mentioned in the user manual. Sometimes some companies have a special specification. If that’s the case fix it.

Nevertheless after all your effort if still, your jack is not lifting, then it’s time to call the customer support team.  Some of the brands come with a very helping customer support team. They will help you to understand what went wrong. So use this option for a better service.


We hope this article solves your query on how to repair a floor jack that won’t hold pressure. To sum up, understand how your machine work and it will problem you less.

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