A Complete Guide on How to Use a Floor Jack

How to Use a Floor Jack

Lifting a car could be due to one or different reasons. Generally, changing the tire and engine oil tops the reason list. It’s an easy task if prerequisite and requisite steps are followed properly. We have mentioned each step in an easy manner to understand and follow. We have also separately mentioned any further steps or care required for trucks or a car. With this lifting car will become an easy and enjoying task for sure.

Before using your floor jack read the user manual thoroughly both for your jack and Car. It will help you to understand the process and the places properly. The car manual will help you to locate the lifting point and to consider the specifically mentioned point if any. While the jack manual will help you to understand the whole lifting process properly. So before following the steps go through both manuals, trust us that will be a great help for you.


  • First of all park the vehicle at any solid ground surface.
  • The wheel should be blocked at the opposite end to avoid any rollback.
  • Positioned your jack stand. Here one thing is worth mentioning whether you have to lift a car or truck and for any purpose jack stand is the must.
  • Before placing your jack, check it for the defect if any. Check the saddle which is going to be in contact with the vehicle. Make sure that it should rise properly and at the same time it should lower down at a slower pace.

Inspecting the Jack for Defect if any before Lifting

  • Make sure for any broken saddle or leaking fluid.
  • Now locate the lift point under your vehicle. For doing so take the help of the user manual. Never predict it by yourself as different jacks have different lifting points.

Lifting the Vehicle

Where to Put Jack under Car

  • Assemble the handle and place the jack beneath the vehicle with centering of the saddle at lifting point.
  • For proper positioning of saddle pump the Jack till it doesn’t reach the lifting point.
  • Now pump it further to lift the vehicle. Check the maximum height mentioned in the user manual. As there are many jacks that could lift a vehicle to a height that one can pass on to another side. But at the same time, others are not lifting to that much height. Therefore know it in advance how much your jack can lift.
  • Put the jack stand in place. Again to mention, never skip the jack stand while slipping beneath your vehicle.
  • Once you are sure that jack stand has lifted all of the weight you can set the jack aside.

How to Use a Floor Jack on a Truck

For lifting a truck with a jack the process is almost the same as mentioned above. The things to be remembered are firstly the lifting capacity of the jack as truck are heavy vehicles. Secondly, the jack used should be designed to lift a high floor truck. To do so, check its lifting range.

The lifting point is also needed to be considered. Many large vehicles have front and back recovery points. These are rectangular holes known as T- slot. Always slide the jack into the T- slot closet to the lifting point.

Where to Put Jack under Car

Placing a jack beneath a car very much depends upon what is the purpose? Like, if changing oil is the need, the jack should be placed where your engine lies. Generally, it lies at the end but some of the models carry its engine at the mid or rear end.

On the other hand, if changing tire is your plan then jack point lies near the door or bottom part of the body. Lastly, if there is any other concern pick the lifting point as mentioned in the user manual rather than any random guess.

How to Jack Up a Car from the Front

When you have to lift the car from the front the steps to be followed are very much what mentioned above. You need to know the front jack point to raise the car. Any of the spots of the car floor could not bear the load except lifting spots. It is very much advised to check the front lifting spot before lifting the car from the front. Never use a suspension component as the jack point as they are not at all load bearing.

Also, follow the prerequisite process before lifting. When you have to change the front tire of the car firstly lose the wheel with a lug. Also always use a jack stand, it is a must.


Using a floor jack though seems daunting but it’s an easy process. Always remember safety is the main priority therefore never being in rush. Understand the manual properly and follow each step with attention. If you do so, trust me lifting your vehicle using a jack will be an easy go.

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