Major Differences between a Trolley Jack and a Floor Jack

Trolley Jack vs Floor jack

Are you confused about trolley jack vs. floor jack? Most of the professionals are confused and want to pick the best floor jack and trolley jack. Ensure that you get a safe and reliable tool to prevent mishappenings or any severe injuries. This blog discusses the differences between a floor jack and a trolley jack and what is a trolley jack. Before opting for an option, it is important to weigh down the pros and cons of the tool and decide wisely.

Below we have listed a few important differences to help you figure out which jack is more suitable for you: 

  • Determine The Lifting Capabilities

Before selecting any jack, it is really important to determine the lifting capabilities. In a trolley jack, the lifting capabilities are quite capable to lift heavy vehicles without any hassle. By using a trolley jack, the user can lift an entire frame or an axle as it is quite efficient to lift heavy vehicles. As opposed to the trolley jack, a floor jack is not efficient to lift heavy vehicles. Before buying a jack, just make certain to check the lifting capabilities and buy accordingly. 

  • Check How The Jack Is Set Up

Setting up a jack can be a daunting experience, so we recommend you check how the jack is set up before purchasing it. The floor jacks are quite easy to set up and after reading the instruction manual, the user will not face any problem to set up the tool. Whereas, the trolley jacks are complicated and it is advisable to check the variant of the trolley jack and see how it is set up.

What is a Trolley Jack

  • Check The Affordability

If you have budget constraints, then it is always a good idea to check your budget and buy a tool accordingly. A floor jack is quite affordable and the perfect pick if you have a limited budget. You will find an array of options to select from so ensure that you check the price range. As opposed to the floor jacks, the trolley jacks are expensive. 

  • Examine The Weight

It is suggested to examine the weight of the jacks as lightweights are convenient to carry and use. Trolley jacks have a long pole and springs attached to it. They are quite heavy as they have wheels attached to it and can lift heavy vehicles perfectly. Whereas, the floor jacks are light in weight and can be easily carried and lifted. It has enough capability to lift heavy vehicles.

Final Verdict

We hope after reading the blog, you know both trolley and floor jacks are safe and convenient to use. Whatever tool you select, just make sure you weigh down the benefits and limitations and after calculating all the important factors buy the one that suits your need and budget. It is important to select a tool that is safe to use and prevents accidents or mishappening.


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