Quick Methods to Fix the Hydraulic Floor Jack

Hydraulic Floor Jack Repair Instructions

Is the hydraulic floor jack troubleshooting? Is the floor jack not lifting? Do you want to find out how to fix a floor jack? If yes, then continue reading the blog as we have discussed the ways how a floor jack repair is done and the best price 3-ton floor jack. The floor jacks are vulnerable and can be damaged easily, so ensure that you fix them at the earliest. This blog entails the details on how you can fix the floor jack on your own.

Below we have mentioned a few ways to fix the hydraulic floor jack:

  • Determine If the Floor Jack Is Overloaded

Are you encountering trouble while lifting a certain vehicle? If yes, then determine if the floor jack is overloaded or not. Ensure that before using the hydraulic floor jack you check the jack’s lifting capacity. In some of the variants, there is an inbuilt feature which makes the jack stops functioning if it is overloaded. Make certain to check the floor jack if it is overloaded when it is not functioning properly. This way, you will not have to call a professional for help. Overloading the hydraulic floor jack can be risky, so avoid doing it.

  • Examine the Oil Levels

Make sure that you examine the oil levels of the hydraulic floor jack. In most cases, the floor jack stops functioning when there are low or high oil levels, so ensure that you examine the oil levels if the jacks are not working efficiently. The incorrect oil levels can hinder the functioning of the floor jack. To confirm the correct oil levels, you can check the instruction manual to confirm the details.

Hydraulic Floor Jacks Repair

  • Eliminate the Trapped Air

If the hydraulic floor jack is not functioning properly, then check if whether there is some air trapped in the jack or not. If the air is trapped it will hinder the performance of the tool. You can resolve the issue by releasing the valve in a retracted position. Make sure you move it anti-clockwise and remove the oil filter screw. You can remove the trapped air simply by pumping and screwing the handle multiple times. Don’t forget to change the oil screw and resolve the issue.

The above are a few ways to fix the floor jack. Floor jacks are most likely to get damaged, however, with a little guidance; you can maintain the tool efficiently and boost its operational life. Just make sure before you call a technician to fix the floor jack, you check the parts of the floor jack and consider the above factors. This way, you can fix the floor jack on your own in just a few minutes.

We hope after reading the blog, we have helped you identify the problem and resolve the issues on your own. Ensure that you read the instruction manual to know more about the parts of the floor jack. 

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