Torin Hydraulic Trolley Floor Jack Reviews

Torin Floor Jack Reviews

Torin Hydraulic Trolley Floor Jack: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like

  • Ergonomic design
  • Great mobility
  • Cost-Effective
  • Durable

What We Don't Like

  • Complex functionality

Purchasing a jack for your car could not be the same as for your SUV. As later is on the heavy side it requires something which is strong enough to lift it and hold it. So the matter is strength, Technique, and durability.

So, if you have SUV in the garage that does not mean you always have to spend a lot on all of its tools. At least, these will not the case for this jack. Torin one of the established names in the industry has come with a budgeted jack. The company, with Torin Big Red Hydraulic Trolley Floor Jack: SUV / Extended Height, 3 Ton Capacity, assure “strength and safety in the budget”.

Torin has come with a new jack in 3 ton capacity with extended height facility. The jack has been introduced to cater to the heavy vehicle owners. The company has given special attention to its design with the whole body painted in red.

Brief Overview

It’s the floor jack in 3-ton range with great strength. It will be suitable enough to lift your truck and SUV with ease. For doing so it comes with an extra long neck which saves time as well as makes the lighting of heavy vehicles an easy task. Its lifting range is from 5-7/8 inches to 17-1/4 inches. It is a heavy duty floor jack with a 360-degree swivel castor for easy mobility.

Who is this Product for?

This product is mainly to cater to SUV and pickup owners. It will not be very much suitable for heavy trucks. The company is also marketing it as an SUV jack in 3-ton capacity.

What’s Included?

It’s a lightweight jack but no handle has been provided to carry it. To compensate the same pump handle could be used to carry it around. The other issue is the instructions and user manual. The jack has proved its efficiency but its instructions are a tough task to follow. It is required to bleed the air for doing so the rubber plug needed to be pushed out with the help of a screwdriver or so. Doing so, help the air to escape. After pumping for several seconds it is required to be closed down.

Overview of Features

Torin Floor Jack Review

Strength & Safety

The product looks good on the specifications offered. The jack has made for SUV, therefore, body and strength have been upgraded accordingly. As it has to do heavy lifting safety is also a matter of concern. Being a hydraulics jack proper care has been taken to avoid any floor leak.

Of course, the last thing the manufacturer or user will imagine is falling of jack which could have some bad results. Torin wins the race here from its competitor. It has both strength and safety taken care of and that what makes it popular among the users. But if the quality is the main concern it falls short from its competitors which has been compensated with the low price offering by the manufacturers

Long Detachable Neck

Then comes lifting the SUV, which required more long neck as comparatively, SUV has more height than the normal cars. Most of the jack though lift the SUV but are definitely meant for that. To come out this shortfall it comes with a long detachable neck which will make lifting proper with its extra maximum height.


It is highly portable due to its light body and detachable neck.


It’s a cost-effective option. Though for doing so quality has been suffered somewhere if you are on a budget this is value for money.

What We Like

  • The design is something on which this jack has passed the entire test with steel finish body painted well in the red.
  • Torin has also worked on the mobility with a 360-degree swivel castor.
  • Cost-effectiveness is also to mention. If compared to its counterparts it is pretty cheap in a 3- ton category of the jack.
  • And last but not least, its specification marketing. It markets itself a good fit for SUV is a nice attempt to communicate to the customer what exactly they are best at.

What We Don’t Like

  • The jack has proved its efficiency but its instructions are a tough task to follow.
  • It is required to bleed the air, for doing so the rubber plug needed to be pushed out with the help of a screwdriver or so. Doing so will help the air to escape. It is tough to bleed the air in this jack.

How to Use

Position the jack so that saddle is beneath the load lifting point of the vehicle. Make sure that the saddle is centered and in full contact with the lifting point. Now pump the jack to lift it up to the desired height. Support the load with appropriate rated vehicle support.

For lowering of jack raise the load and remove the load stand. Grip the jack handle and slowly releases the valve counterclockwise.


Lift master 3 ton SUV has an almost similar feature like Torin’s 3 Ton Jack. With 21-inch high lift master is also best fit for SUV. Its hydraulic pump is a serious competitor for Torin’s 3 -ton jack.

Final Verdict

Is this the best floor jack for SUV? In the price range which it falls, it is for sure the best buy for SUV. Lifting an SUV, which is heavier than the average car, required durability? Therefore jack required not only have the capacity to handle it but the safety with which it performs the work is of utmost importance.

Purchasing a floor jack depends upon some of the objective criteria’s like durability, portability, lifting range and strength. In recent time the instructions provided by the company with the after service customer care support provided has also shown an impact on the buying behavior of customers.

The point which is obvious but worth mentioning is that this jack does not suit the low profile vehicles. So if you are not on a budget your search for quality jack ends here.

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